Notable Projects

Our clients entrust us to handle the entire media production value-chain:

pre-production, production, and post-production.

Here are some of the results.

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We conceived this video project for Jurong Point Shopping Centre (Singapore), as part of their Mother's Day celebrations. The video, which received over 2 million views, shows unscripted and heartwarming moments of people making surprise calls to their mothers, to express appreciation for all that their mothers have done.


Several challenging aspects to the project were successfully managed. One was that participants opened up their feelings, even though Asians tend to be more reserved. Another was in ensuring that responses were totally genuine rather than staged.


Over just two days on a weekend, we managed to persuade enough shoppers to make the call, and the video captured heartfelt moments between mums and their children, regardless of ages.

Arctic Fox Studios Asia is no stranger to the high profile Singapore Fashion Week 2015 (or its previous iteration as Audi Fashion Festival), capturing the creations of prominent international designers like Victoria Beckham, Dion Lee, Diane von Fürstenberg and Thakoon.


We have been involved in Fashion Week since 2012. Each opening title and transitional graphic is customised to each designer’s showcased collection. With a daily turnover requirement for the previous day’s runway shows, we met the show's grueling demands, directing and producing 15 highly stylised runway videos for the Singapore Fashion Week 2015.

What happens when an ancient oriental musical art ventures into the 21st century?


Commissioned by Siong Leng Musical Association, we followed their lead up to the inaugural International Youth Symposium 2015 that they organised. Rather than merely record footages for posterity, the video aimed to tell a story that can inspire the young to take “Nanyin” into the modern era.


The video effectively combines interviews with visuals, conveying the views of both experienced elders and the passionate youths. It instils a sense of renewed passion for the next generation who will inherit this classical art form.

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